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Trash Chute System Repair in Miami, FL

A trash chute is an important installation in all sorts of buildings. Many people take these chutes for granted, but when one breaks and can’t be used, the burden of transporting all of the building’s trash quickly becomes apparent. For this reason, every owner or manager should know where to go if they have need of trash chute repair.

Recycling-Solution Inc. offers trash chute system repair to homes and businesses all across Miami, FL. Whether you manage a hotel, a factory, an apartment complex, or you’re lucky enough to have one in your home, Recycling-Solution Inc. will ensure that the convenience of a working trash chute will be yours again before long.

In What Ways Do Trash Chutes Break?

A trash chute may seem like a simple oversized tube in the wall of a building, but in truth, these chutes are complex pieces of machinery. Some potential problems include:

  • Broken doors. The door to a trash chute is designed to be easy to open while still keeping any and all smell from escaping, and as such, they have a lot of moving parts that can jam.

  • Clogged trash. Whether it results from a problem with the garbage or with the chute itself, garbage can form a clog and prevent usage of the chute.

  • Damaged walls. Because the chutes endure heavy usage and withstand the force of falling garbage, damage to the walls of the chute is often unavoidable.

Every trash chute is different, and the experts at Recycling-Solution Inc. have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to restore your chute to its proper working order.

How Can I Get Started?


Do you need to repair your trash chute — and fast? Come to Recycling-Solution Inc. today for trash chute repair. Drop us a line at (954) 548-5167 to speak with a representative. We’ll help you enjoy the convenience of a functioning trash chute.

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